Livestock Nutrition & Consultation



Working with Faraz Daneh Avand Livestock Nutritionist team allows you the significant value of having the flexibility and opportunity to be self-directed and not tied to any one company, while utilizing competitive pricing which usually drives down feed and other costs. At the same time, the dedicated FDA Dairy Consulting independent consultants truly work together as a team, to provide a unique and broad offering of services, tools, and expertise.
Teamwork and sharing of other consultant’s experience is a key component to the success of our dairy producers. Our team understands the importance of networking, sharing their experiences, and discussing current and future commodity markets. Each month, a networking call is facilitated by a member of FDA to keep consultants new ideas, products and technology.
By teaming with Faraz Daneh Avand, you will experience:
– We are dedicated to sustaining long-lasting relationships with our customers through our quality service. We have years of experience and knowledge in dairy nutrition but we will also work with you to go beyond this and offer valuable advice and resources to assist in all aspects of your operation. At FDA, we take pride in the high-quality service we provide for our valued customers.

– Because the science of dairy nutrition is constantly changing, FDA continuously adapts to stay informed of industry trends. We are dedicated to research and will give you the latest strategies and information concerning dairy nutrition according to our customer requirements.

– We realize that each operation is unique and deserves customized attention. Working with FDA will bring you pair of a dairy nutrition consultant who will look at your on-farm conditions and establish solutions unique to your needs. This may include anything from lowering feed costs to enhancing production methods and tools.

– FDA pairs its focus on customized dairy nutrition plans with a focus on profitability. It is our goal to establish improved production with a minimized total cost. We will work to do this by pairing excellent products with our high quality dairy nutrition plans, including strategies such as amino acid balancing.