Close-up period is one of the most critical periods of dairy cows’ life. Enormous increase in fetus weight, metabolic and hormonal changes, as well as severe intake reduction make the pregnant cows more susceptible to metabolic disorders in next lactation. To prevent the disorders, providing adequate mineral and vitamin supply is a key-point factor. In addition, well-managed calcium metabolism as the most important mineral could prohibited the cows from many metabolic disorders such as milk fever, displaced abomasum, and retained placenta. Providing optimum anionic salts beside the mineral and vitamin supply in this product can be helpful to reduce incidences of metabolic disorders in up-coming fresh period.


– Provide optimum dietary anion-cation balance (DCAB)
– Prevent dystocia
– Reduce metabolic disorders
– Improve immunity function
– Improve colostrum quality
– Reduce uterine infections
– Improve Ca metabolism at calving and in fresh period


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