Dairy 7.5%

Some dairy farmers are interested to have a package of all vitamins, mineral, and additives in a unit product. The concentrate premix brings this possibility for nutritionist that use 5, 7.5, or 10% of this product and supply all nutrients mentioned above. As an advantage of this product is to lessen the error source by mixing all micro–nutrients in a unit product rather purchasing and mixing mineral, vitamin, and additives sources separately. This can save both farmer time and money. All pivotal additives such as sodium bicarbonate, di-calcium phosphate, yeast, and toxin-binders etc. are included in this product. There is no need to weighing the additive sources individually and all ones mixed with together


  • Less time spent for weighing separate additive sources
  • Homogenous premix of vitamin, mineral, and additives
  • Less price per unit of product
  • Less labor cost
  • Less error in ration formulation
  • Less time to formulate the diets


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