Fattening Lamb

Ruminant diets contain two main specific parts including; forages and concentrates. The forage part primarily is the responsible for providing fiber requirement of animal and keep healthy condition for rumen. However, the concentrate part is responsible to provide high energy, protein, and other nutrients for animals. Providing complete concentrate feed for farmers can be a strategy for time-saving as well as cost-saving due to the availability of most required nutrients in this product. Farmers need to add forage only into this product and offer into animals. The company included the fungi-free ingredients in this product and grantee the response of animals when it has well-mixed with high-quality forage sources. This product should be mixed with specified amount of high-quality corn silage as well as alfalfa hay or wheat straw. The amount of this product inclusion in ration should be indicate with farm nutritionist. The farmer can have free consultation from the company side for more information regarding optimized ration formulation.


  • Reduce time spent for ration formulation
  • Recue labor cost
  • Precise ration formulation
  • Less store place required for feed ingredients
  • Purchasing less ingredients in farm
  • Uniform TMR and reduce sorting
  • Increase nutrient digestibility


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