Heat stress supplement

Optimum environmental temperature for dairy cows is between 4-25 C°. Dairy farms have lots of problems with heat stress. High urinary potassium excretion as well as low feed intake encounters dairy cows to have productive and reproductive problems in heat stress period. This product supplies adequate potassium, phosphorous, and chromium as well as high levels of vitamins “E and C” which are valuable for heat stressed dairy cows. The supplemented “vitamin C” is ruminally protected which is recommended to be used in dairy cows in heat stress. The supplied yeast by this product also can improve ruminal fermentation and prevent ruminal acidosis which is main concern in heat stress period.


  • Prevent reduction of dry matter intake
  • Optimum ruminal fermentation
  • Improve immunity function
  • Improve fertility
  • Increase feed efficiency
  • Reduce ruminal acidosis incidence rate


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