Pellet Feed-BUT

High quality feed is essential for modern poultry crosses from the first hours of their lives, as their genetic potential presupposes high productivity. Hence, the quality of feed components is of crucial importance. Faraz Daneh Avand (FDA) complete feed can be crumbled or pelleted. It contains minimal amount of dust fraction that often causes reduction of weight gain and worsening of feed conversion ration (FCR). The FDA feed formulations have been developed to meet the needs of different poultry crosses, depending on age, and ensure high nutrient availability. We use only approved quality nutrients and vitamin-mineral substances, which provide for healthy growth from the first days of feeding.


Faraz Daneh Avand (FDA) Pellet Feed for heavy lines Turkeys was formulated with higher density of nutrient in seven phases to support the turkeys during periods of risk by supplying the adequate amount of Energy, protein and essential amino acids, macro and trace minerals and vitamins.


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