As it has been identified in dairy cows, the most important period is “transition period” that involving 3 weeks before till 3 weeks after parturition. In this critical period of time, dairy cows are so vulnerable to infection, metabolic dysfunction, severe intake reduction, and some other problems. High fat and protein mobilization in fresh period encounter the cows with various metabolic problems. Adequate energy source as well as supplemental vitamins may be helpful in nutrient mobilization in dairy cows. The “Power-Tranist” supplement can provide glucose precursor, niacin, choline, and chromium to improve feed intake level and therefore cows would have more readiness with these challenges.


  • Reducing calving stress
  • Improve immune function
  • Improvement in fresh cow reproductive performance
  • Increase colostrum quality
  • Increase milk fat and protein content in fresh cows


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