Early feeding of the broiler chicks with highly digestible well balanced pelleted diets has a great effect in triggering the right momentum of growth in broiler hatchlings. Early nutrient supply to chicks is essential to increase the intestinal mechanical activity, faster intestinal development, greater assimilation of feed, development of immunity and thereby overall growth performance. Early chick nutrition is vital as the first seven days of life account for about 20% of the bird’s total lifespan considering the marketable age of 42 days.

The FDA Pre-Starter for the first seven days of age was formulated using high quality and the most highly digestible sources of vegetable protein to optimize the feed intake and growth rate of broiler.


Packing: 40 kg bags

Advantages of Pelleted feed:

Increased feed intake

Reduced feed wastage

Higher bulk density

Decreased feed dustiness

No feed ingredient separation

Better bacteriological quality

Easier ingestion

Improved flock uniformity

Improved growth and feed conversion ratio (FCR) due to reduction in feed energy used for maintenance, less eating time and more resting time


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